Lost Yahoo Mail Contacts List!! How To Restore Them?


Yahoo is one of the most popular web portals. It provides many web services to their users such as Yahoo Mail, Yahoo messenger, Yahoo calendar, Yahoo News, Yahoo sports etc.Yahoo mail is one of the fastest mail services offered by the web mail service provider. Yahoo helps us to interact with our old friends, family and beloved ones. There are more than millions of users which used this mail services. You can easily share high-resolution photos, video and much more. Its initial storage is 1 TB which is much more than other email service provider. You can store important contacts information on the address book of the Yahoo Mail. Users can easily access Yahoo mail from different platforms such as iOS, Android, or another web browser. It provides many amazing features to its users- you can even check the inbox of multiple accounts in Yahoo mail or even personalize your inbox with your favorite theme.  With the help of yahoo calendar tool, you can manage or organize your busy schedule. Yahoo helps us to stay connected with our close ones.

What if you lost your contacts information from the Yahoo address book?  Follow these steps given below will definitely help you to restore your missing or deleted accounts. You can easily restore contacts that were deleted within past 30 days.

To restore specific individual contact

  • First, you need to click on the Contacts icon in the Yahoo Mail.
  • Press on the Deleted Contacts in the left column.
  • Choose contact which you want to restore.
  • Press Restore or Restore contacts to get them back to your contact list.
  • Click on the “Done” button when you finished. If you face any issue while performing these steps then you can contact Yahoo help desk team through an alternative call line associated with the authentic Yahoo  helpline number.

 To restore your entire Contacts list

  • You need to click on the Contacts icon in Yahoo Mail.
  • Press Actions and then select Restore from backup.
  • Choose a date to restore your contacts from the drop-down menu
  • Click on the Restore button. For more information, you can contact yahoo support team via email as there is not any official Yahoo 24×7 toll-free number is available.

These are the few steps which will definitely help you to restore your missing or deleted Yahoo mail contacts list. Note that you can only restore contacts that were deleted within past 30 days as Yahoo mail only saves deleted contacts for 30 days in its database.

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