Dynamic Date Separators in Yahoo Mail!! An Explanation


Yahoo mail is one of the amazing webmail service developed by Yahoo Inc. Yahoo is one of the popular destinations on the web offering a web portal, a search engine, news, sports, mails, attachments and much more services. It provides 1TB of initial storage to its users. Millions of users use Yahoo for their personal or commercial purpose. With the help of Yahoo Mail, you can easily share good quality images, communicate with friends, families and your loved ones. There are a lot of features are offered by Yahoo Mail as you can even personalize your inbox with your favourite theme.

There are many features which are offered by Yahoo. You can also sort your mail by your date, sender name, and subjects. Dynamic date separator sorts your email based on when they received. It is a very helpful tool used in Yahoo. It will separate your emails based on the date you received. Dynamic Date includes:

Days of Week- You’ll view “Today”, “yesterday” till back to “Sunday”

Last Week- It includes emails received from the last week- Sunday through Saturday.

Earlier in (month)- It contains emails received earlier in this month.

Previous month- it includes the email received from the last 5 month separated by each month.

Earlier in (Year) –It consists of emails received from earlier this year or last year that aren’t comes in the previous categories.

Previous years – It includes emails from the previous year which are separated by year.

You can also sort your email by “Sender”, “Subject”, “starred”, or “Attachments”. For more information, you can connect with Yahoo customer service team for instant assistance dialing an authentic Yahoo support service toll-free number, if you find the same on web.

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